Mid Crown of Ice 2616

Dear Dazi,

Your letter was exactly what I needed. The joy I have when I read it is hard to put into words. It makes me feel like you are here with me and nothing could make me happier. I had to read what you wrote over and over again, wondering if you were teasing your older sister. A Unicorn? Truly? That is incredible. But in a way, it does not surprise me. Everything you write about, little one, tells me that you're going to become a great Dayalan. Legendary, I would wager. With your own unicorn. And I'll be so proud to tell everyone you're my sister. You certainly have been blessed when it comes to trainers. As I have been, I suppose.

I take no offense from the word and the way you're handling it tells me as much as anything that you're growing up so quickly. Obviously Verchovai Gillyflower sees that as well. You make my heart swell, little one.

Have you ever learned why you were tasked with watching the heir?

For my part, a day doesn't go by that my heart doesn't ache for Marcus, but it has gotten better. Lady Catherine was right of course. I have dedicated myself to being the best healer I can be. Lady Catherine says I'm the best she's ever trained. She has been hard on me, pushing me as much as she can. I think partially to keep my mind off Marcus, but also to make me stronger. I never tell her how much I appreciate her efforts, I suppose she knows, and I know she wouldn't accept it well.

I'm getting better each day, little one, thanks to your letters and Lady Catherine's attentions. You need not worry about me, just love me like you always have, and that is more than enough.

I love you little sister,

© Nivek
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